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We want customers to feel as if they are at home in their living room. According to this concept, we aim to create comfortable and relaxing in-store spaces. Komeda's Coffee is special, and we hope you will join us in providing customers with pleasant customer service, warm hospitality and satisfaction.

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Positions at Komeda's Coffee

Customer dining area duties encompass a wide range of responsibilities ranging from answering customer questions to taking orders, serving products, clearing tables and cleaning up. Kitchen duties entail preparing drink-menu products such as coffee, preparing snack items including our very popular Shiro-Noir from the snack menu, cleaning the kitchen area, and other such duties.

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We lend shirts, aprons, hats and so forth to employees. Keep your uniform clean and tidy-looking in order to provide the best customer experience possible. We want customers to feel at home, as if they are in their own living room. According to this concept, we aim to create comfortable and relaxed in-store spaces.


  • What type of restaurant is Komeda's Coffee?

    Komeda's Coffee is operated by Komeda Co., Ltd., which is based out of Nagoya and continues to expand. We have dedicated ourselves to making good coffee for more than 40 years since our founding, and during that time we have established more than 600 shops throughout Japan, including "Komeda's Coffee" shops and "Okagean" Japanese-style sweets and tea restaurants.

  • What age restrictions apply for job applicants?

    As long as the applicant is of high school age or older, there is no age restriction.

  • Can foreign nationals (non-Japanese people) apply for jobs?

    Yes, they can. Interviews are conducted in Japanese, so we prefer our applicants to have level 1 Japanese-language conversational proficiency according the Nihongo Kentei (The Japanese Language Examination).

  • What documentation will I need to complete my employment contract?

    Your passport, resident card or similar documentation proving your status of residence in Japan, or a "Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted" certificate (shikaku-gai katsudo no kyoka).

  • Do you impose hairstyle, dress, grooming or other restrictions on your employees?

    A clean, presentable appearance is very important when working in the food service industry. Fingernail polish, for example, is prohibited (even clear polish). Rules regarding hair length and coloring as well as other restrictions will be explained during your interview.

  • Can I work at Komeda's Coffee even though I have no experience working in food service or customer service positions?

    You may apply even if you have no experience. We will provide thorough training using our company manual.

  • What kind of work does a position at Komeda's Coffee entail?

    Tasks include taking orders from customers, keeping the shop clean and tidy, preparing light snacks including our popular Shiro-Noir, and preparing coffee and other drinks. In addition, employees also handle duties such as operating cash registers, serving products to customers and cleaning. At Komeda's Coffee, you will work as both a waiter and a member of the kitchen staff. The most important thing is to welcome customers with a warm smile.

  • What kind of people work at Komeda's Coffee?

    All employees are high school age or older, encompassing a wide age range from students and homemakers to senior citizens.